Introducing FMI’s New Benchmark Tool

Compensation involves two kinds of risk:

Paying too much could hurt your bottom line, especially compared to competitors.

You risk losing talented employees if you pay too little.

As a new addition to the FMI Compensation platform, the benchmark tool provides visibility across multiple percentiles and the ability to specifically identify who is above and below market values to understand the magnitudes of your risk.

How does your pay structure stack up against your competitors?

FMI Compensation Benchmark Tool


  • Attract and retain top industry talent
  • Reduce voluntary turnover
  • Maintain competitive pay levels vs. the competition without overpaying
  • Provide consistency in base salary levels across the organization
  • Offer guidance to managers for acceptable pay ranges when hiring new employees
  • Increase the ease of salary administration
  • Identify and correct employee salaries that are out of market

Watch the Video:

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The Benchmark Tool will be available to customers who renew.